Diabetic Supplies
Diabetic supplies through Diabetic Connect

Diabetic Supplies through Diabetic Connect

Are you looking for a simpler way to receive diabetic supplies? Diabetic Connect has the answer.

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Our pharmacy network will deliver diabetic supplies to your door

Diabetic Connect has partnered with a dedicated network of pharmacies to work directly with your doctor and insurance carrier to maximize your insurance benefits, and get the supplies you need when you need them with free delivery and little to no cost out of your pocket. Diabetic Connect provides excellent diabetic supply service with:

  • Diabetic supplies delivered to your door
  • Free shipping!
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Direct coordination with insurance carriers
  • Money-saving options for those without insurance

Diabetic Supplies Delivered to Your Door

Our pharmacy network is dedicated to getting diabetic supplies to you on time. Save the hassle of remembering to go to the pharmacy to pick up diabetic testing supplies and medications. No more worries about running out, or last-minute trips to the pharmacy to pick up medications or supplies. You will spend less time worrying about diabetic supplies and more time on the things that matter most.

Free Shipping on all orders! Know what to expect each month with no hidden costs.

Outstanding Customer Service

If you have questions about medication, need additional supplies, have questions, or need assistance with anything else our customer support team is available to take your call with a live person, no long hold times or frustrating transfers, and no talking to machines. Diabetic Connect is dedicated to giving the care that you deserve.

Prescription Renewal

Having a lapse in medication is not a good experience, especially when you rely on that medication. Our pharmacy partners will work with you and your doctor to ensure that prescription renewals are hassle-free and don’t result in a lapse in medication.

On-time Delivery

Getting medication and testing supplies on time is critical to diabetes care. You can trust that our pharmacies will deliver your supplies when you need them so you can focus on taking care of everything else.

Diabetic medication renewal help

Coordinate Directly with Insurance Carriers

We will work to make sure you are getting the most out of your insurance benefits and receiving the testing supplies that you need. Because we know the ins and outs of insurance programs, getting your diabetic supplies covered is simple and easy.

The Diabetic Connect pharmacy network has experience with all types of insurance carriers and plans. We will work directly with your insurance carrier to coordinate all the extra things like payment and billing so you don’t need to.

Money-Saving Options for Those Without Insurance

Diabetic Connect can help you save money on medications and diabetic testing supplies. Call us today and we will show you the savings of ordering your diabetic medications through the Diabetic Connect pharmacy network.

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